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Ask our Missionaries (AoM): 

Gary and Paula Hays

Share your heart for Thailand / Southeast Asia!

Gary and Paula Hays

We love the people of Thailand and Southeast Asia. Especially, our hearts go out to the children here. There are many social problems including child trafficking, child prostitution, child drug abuse, poverty, etc, but the biggest issue is spiritual—these kids desperately need the love of Jesus!

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Ask our Missionaries (AoM): 

The Opies

Share your heart for Asia and Thailand:

Andy and Tina Opie

We have always felt a pull towards serving in Asia. This desire was not specific to one country or people group. When we first started looking into where God would have us serve, we looked at many different places in Asia. As our hearts were drawn more and more to Thailand, we came to visit on an exploratory trip. It was during that trip, that we felt like Thailand was the place where God wants us for now. (Read our story from 2004)

Thailand is a beautiful country with even more beautiful people. The Thai people are friendly, outgoing and a joy to be around. The problem is that they don’t know God. Thailand is less than 2% Christian, and it is not uncommon for people to have never heard the name of Jesus, even in Bangkok. Our heart is that the Thai people would come to know God.

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Ask our Missionaries (AoM): 

The Currys

Share your heart for Thailand / the Golden Triangle area:

Chris, Apple and Ethan Curry

Our heart is to see all of the animists in the Golden Triangle to know Christ. Animists are people who believe in an animated spirit world. This spirit world is filled with capricious spirits that need appeasing, or their wrath will be poured out. Animists among the hilltribes live in fear of these spirits without knowledge of a greater and more powerful Spirit.  

Our vision is to reach them with the good news that there is hope and they don’t need to live in fear. 4. Our current ministry focus is church planting and education (at risk-children, literacy, Bible college, in-service training, orphans).

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Ask our Missionaries (AoM): 

The Arters

Share your heart for Thailand / the Maesot area:

Mike, Bee, Beam and Faith Arter

Our heart is to reach out to the young generation and our community. In Thailand and through Buddhism, people can only hope that they have given enough offerings in order to have a better life either in this present or in the next. The young people are now questioning and seeking for solid truth. 

We are serving in an area [Maesot] that is surrounded by many hill tribes who have never had someone come and share the gospel. We are living within a multicultural area with so many Burmese, Karen, Hill tribes, and Thai people. Our desire is to learn and study the differences in the cultures and how to reach the ethnic groups.

Ask our Missionaries (AoM): 

The Gilberts

Share your heart for Thailand / the Maesot area:

Neill and Diana Gilbert

Our hearts go out to the children and women who are at risk for human trafficking. We also love going to the mountains to visit the Hill Tribe people, who are mostly poor and looked down upon by the Thai people. 

Our hearts are with the Thai people because they are so blinded by Buddhism and pride. They take pride in themselves because they have never been colonized and there is a common philosophy in Thailand which states that “to be Thai is to be Bhuddist.” These are difficult things to overcome but not impossible at all for God!

Ask our Missionaries (AoM): 

The Hilderbrands 

Share your heart for Thailand / the Bangkok area:

Kelly and Angela Hilderbrand

Because we are the National Missionaries to Thailand we have responsibility for all the ministries and missionaries in Thailand and are involved around the country. However, our focus is on reaching the major metropolitan areas of Thailand, especially Bangkok.

Thailand Overview from Jason Ruggles on Vimeo.

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